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Khamis, 18 April 2013

Ulasan Filem: Long Weekend (Thai)

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Thongsook is a shy, nerdy, childlike teenager who's always harassed and made fun of by his friends since he was a boy. Luckily Thongsook has a best friend in Nam, a girl who's grown up with him and looks after him whenever she can. When Thongsook and Nam enter college, they hang out with a new group of friends: Boy, Jack, Beam and Pui. As usual, these new friends enjoy making fun of Thongsook, a fate that the young man has to endure with hardly a protest. But one long weekend during school break, these bullies will experience something so terrifying that will forever change their idea about Thongsook. The whole gang take a trip to a deserted island in the middle of a lake but Thongsook is not invited despite Nam's insistence. However, once they arrive at the island, Thongsook shows up mysteriously. The pleasant vacation turns horribly wrong on the second night - it is Friday the 13th, known as The Night of the Devouring Ghosts.
Classification: 18
Genre: Horror
General Release Date: 18 Apr 2013
Running Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes
Distributor: Mm2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Cast: Shin Chinawut, Namcha Sheranat, Sean Jindachote, Nott Akaranat, Kittilpat Korasutraiwan, Natpassara Adulyametahsiri
Director: Taweewat Wantha

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If you love a good scare on your movie night out then boy, do we have a treat for you. "Long Weekend" may not be the scariest of films as it does not chill you to the bone as much as films like "Ju-On" or "The Blair Witch Project", but it does hold its own.

Again, the movie does give you a fright at times and you will feel like you are not the same person again but if you have watched films that have affected you enough to have to sleep with the lights on for weeks at a time then watching this seems more like a breeze than anything.

The movie begins with Thongsook and Nam as children meeting for the first time at the school clinic and Thongsook reveals his dark secret to the girl, he wears an amulet that helps him ward off ghosts. Immediately, the audience is presented with the movie's first tense scene, where the girl removes his amulet.

After the thrilling opening sequence, the movie moves on to Thongsook and Nam as teenagers. Nam sticks to her circle of friends while Thongsook is seen as the weird outsider who is always attached to Nam, and it seems like she is his only friend.

When Nam and her friends decide to go on a weekend trip to a remote island, and Thongsook follows them without knowing that he is not welcome, bad things begin to happen.

This plotline is pretty similar to the stories in most teen films with the teenagers, the remote location, the partying, and the bullying. It even invokes a similar atmosphere like "Final Destination" which concentrates on teenagers having fun that end with dire consequences. Though the movies may have similar themes, the film still embraces its Thai roots by making Thai-based legends as frightening as possible. The ghosts in the island are violent and angry, but the catch is that they are scarier in imagination, for when you see the actual 'ghost', it might even make you giggle.

The 'ghost' takes the form of black smoke, which looks ridiculous, but only when it possesses a human, is it actually terrifying.

There will be some parts that you cannot help but laugh, which brings into question whether this is a horror film or a horror comedy film because it has some genuinely funny parts in it.

The teenagers make for interesting characters and even though they had the same irresponsible teenage attitude to life they were still likeable enough for you to watch. Boy as the arrogant leader who is inevitably in love with Nam is a favourite of all characters even with his rude exterior.

Thongsook was played brilliantly as the awkward and slow guy nobody really likes. He also plays creepy and scary really well.

The whole film might have been a little too silly at times and sometimes it might bore you because it looks like something you have already seen, but we daresay you have to watch it for the outstanding ending, as it truly hits you as you walk out of the cinema.
Cinema Online, 17 April 2013


Ceritanya ala-ala kisah klise. Sebenarnya kisah dalam filem ni pun klise sebenarnya. Cuma susunan plot aje yang membuatkan filem ini sedikit berbeza dengan filem seram yang seakan jalan cerita yang sama. Kisah sekumpulan remaja bercuti di pulau dan langgar pantang di sebuah kuil. Cerita lebih banyak dikuil lama dan dalam hutan. Klise tak? Hantu dia pun ala-ala asap dah pernah orang buat. Thrill pembunuhan di dalam filem ini ala-ala filem hantu yang lain jugak.

Watak hantu digambarkan begitu jahat dan kejam kerana suka membunuh. Klise kan? Bila cerita hantu aje, mesti hantu tu yang nak bunuh manusia. Kalau seram Melayu, manusia kurung hantu masuk dalam botol, buang dalam sungai. Pusing-pusing tang tu jugak. 

Pengarah mecipta watak roh dalam filem ni amat kejam. Perlu berusaha untuk membunuh setiap sasarannya. Memang hantu ni kejam ke? Asyik nak membunuh manusia aje, sedangkan manusia hanya mengusik tempat dia aje. Kalau hantu ni mengusik manusia atau kacau tempat tinggal manusia, takda pulak manusia nak bunuh hantu. Paling teruk pun simpan dalam botol atau halau pergi. Macam tak adil, kan?

Adoi, ayat aku ni macam takbur pulak. Dahlah malam ni malam Jumaat. Hehehe... Tapi itulah realitinya kan? Manusia akan terbunuh akibat hantu sedangkan manusia adalah khalifah dalam muka bumi ni dan hantu2 tu patut takut dengan manusia. Eh, apa aku merepek ni. Back to the story...

Tak ada adegan terkejut yang banyak. Sekadar beberapa plot aje. Cuma ending dia menarik sikit. Dia ada ala-ala dejavu. Disangkakan watak utama sudah berjaya membunuh hantu tu. Rupanya kerjayaan dia membunuh hantu tu adalah maninan ilusi dejavu yang dicipta oleh hantu itu. Semua watak mati. Kejam kan hantu ni? Suka membunuh manusia.

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